Boise woman survived the worst with help from Idaho Food Bank

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- If you think the Idaho Food Bank doesn't fill a critical need in this state, think again.

Or just ask single mom Dawn Phipps.

She remembers the first time she relied on a food pantry for assistance.

"I went there and I just sat in the parking lot, mortified, and horribly ashamed that i was even in that parking lot," she recalled. "I was supposed to provide for my son. I wasn't supposed to need anybody's help."

In Dawn's case, she lost her job as a legal secretary in 2010. She managed to get a part-time job and received food stamps but it wasn't enough.

Dawn has weathered the financial storm. She's now working as a licensed practical nurse and she survived the worst of it with help from the Food Bank.

"I have learned tolerance," she said. "I have learned that it's okay to ask for help, because I never would have before. I was too stubborn, too proud. That'll get you in trouble."

And she never takes her next meal for granted.

The Food Bank provides free emergency food to individuals and families through more than 200 partner agencies.