Boise woman slips and falls on ice, wants $100k from city agency

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - A Boise woman says she slipped and fell on ice downtown during the New Year's Eve Idaho Potato Drop, and now she wants the city agency that owns the property to pay up.

Sheryl Lambert's attorney says she was walking through the Grove Plaza when she slipped and fell on a patch of ice. The tort claim she filed shows paramedics came to take her to the hospital. She broke her ankle, and had to have surgery.

It's not even a lawsuit yet, but the story is already getting people fired up.

"I think that you have a personal responsibility anytime you go out to be aware of the situation you're going into," said Elaine McCormack, who is visiting Boise. "Prepare for it, dress for it and be ready to take on anything that might happen."

Lambert is asking for more than $100,000 from the Capital City Development Corporation because of what happened.

"Wow. $100,000? That's a lot of money," Boise resident Tara Peterson said. "I want to laugh because I think it's ridiculous that she would do that. I could slip too, am I going to sue the person whose sidewalk I'm on?"

KBOI tried contacting Lambert, but was unsuccessful. However, her attorney, Matthew Andrew, said her injuries are not a laughing matter, and calls the $100,000 price tag a "conservative estimate."

"Many people see that kind of money and that is a lot of money, I'm not saying it isn't, but the extent of the injury is such that we expect it's going to be a serious, serious damage that's with her for the rest of her life," Andrew said. "She still has plenty of life left."

Many people KBOI talked to say the mishap could have happened to anyone, and that Lambert was responsible for her own actions that night.

However, Andrew said the Boise Redevelopment Agency should have put down sand and ice melt, and that they needed to do more to protect everyone who was there that night.

"Landowners that own and maintain property for the good of the public, that have it open to the public have a heightened duty to make sure that if people are on that property, there are no dangerous conditions or circumstances that would cause someone to experience an injury like this," he said.

Andrew added that his client wasn't doing this to get rich, and that she would give anything to be healthy again.

KBOI also tried contacting the CCDC, but they would not comment because they have handed the case over to their attorneys.