Boise woman shares her battle with MS

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Since 1986, Linda Slupe of Boise has been living with Multiple Sclerosis, a noncontagious disease for which there is neither a cure nor a definitive cause.

The name means "many lesions, many scars".

"I'm very fortunate," says Slupe. "I only have lesions in my brain. Many others have them down their back, and that affects mobility, the arms and legs.

"Fatigue plays a huge, huge role. So at noon, I may hit the wall. Or at two, I may hit the wall. Hit the wall means you're brain's just shutting down. It feels like my face melts."

It's estimated 2.5 million people worldwide are affected by MS, which essentially messes with the central nervous system.

Linda Slupe's younger brother Kristopher has a more severe form of the disease.

"We also had two cousins in Northern Idaho who had MS," Slupe said. "But it's not hereditary, it's not genetic."

We can't cure MS right now, but we can sure fight it.

"There's treatment," said Slupe. "Thank god, there's treatment."

And that's why the national Walk MS fundraiser is so important.

Slupe's been involved in Walk MS for more than a decade and is now a team captain.

"It's to help raise funds for research, yes," she said. "It also raises funds for the local MS office, which will help individuals with paying for an MRI, paying for the power company, paying for the rent."

The Treasure Valley's annual Walk MS event is this Saturday at 10 a.m. at Boise's Julia Davis Park.