Boise woman says she's being punished for helping stray cats

BOISE, Idaho- A Boise woman feels she's being penalized for her generosity.

Cheri Hensley has been feeding stray cats in her neighborhood for years. She lives in an area where renters come and go and says people just leave them behind.

However, because she's feeding a few stray animals, the Humane Society won't pick them up without charging her a fee.

"I don't think they are my cats, but they do, and they want me to pay for their shots, and have them euthanized and I don't consider that right," Hensley said.

The Humane Society is just following Idaho law. It states that if you care for an animal more than 30 days you're responsible for it. If you bring it in before that one month is over, they'll take it in at no charge.