Boise wants public's ideas for newly acquired acres of foothills land

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The City of Boise is asking for the public's impute on a master plan for 260 newly acquired acres of the foothills.

The city purchased the land with money from a bond. Officials from the city's open lands department are collaborating with the Land Trust of the Treasure Valley which owns, and manages a connecting 58 acres of Harrison Hollow Nature Area.

The 318 acres has been used for years, but the master plan will decide on where trail heads should be located. Along with rules for the area, and possible locations for things like bathrooms.

Because some of the are has been unmanaged there are some trails especially in steep areas that might have to be covered up. Most trails in the foothills aren't supposed to have more than a 10 percent grade.

"We will have to rehabilitate those so there are not visual scars so there is not erosion contributing to other degradation in the system," said Julia Grant, Boise Foothills manager.

While many residents are happy the area will be better managed. Some residents like Laura Jantz are worried about taking out the steeper trails.

"I hate the fact that we are losing some of the steeps in our foothills, and that we are losing some of the challenging trails that we mountain bike on and hike on," Jantz said. "So I'm very interested about conservation and being smart about using the trails and preserving the trails, but not at the expense of losing the fun aspects of those trails."

The plan still has a ways to go, and the city is still taking ideas and comments from the public.