Boise veteran safe after avalanche on Mt. Everest

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Family and friends of Charlie Linville are relieved after receiving word early Friday that he wasn't near the avalanche site on Mt. Everest.

His wife Mandy spent hours worrying about her husband, and to make matters worse his group hadn't checked in with their contacts in the U.S. in five days.

As reports came in, it appeared those who were killed were sherpa guides who were working on trails. Although, for Mandy, even having her husband in dangerous situations before didn't make this one any easier.

"You may know inside that or based on the little information you get that your husband isn't involved, but it still doesn't feel real in terms of knowing he's safe until he actually calls you himself," said Mandy.

Linville is a retired Marine sergeant who lost his leg and some of his fingers in an IED blast while serving in Afghanistan. He has been climbing mountains even with one leg.

Now he is going with a documentary film crew who will show his ascent to the summit of Everest. They are also showing 6 other wounded veterans who are climbing some of the world's tallest peaks.

Mandy said she is just happy her husband is okay, and said he could start his climb in about 10 days.