Boise VA hospital gets an audit of wait times

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - As a part of a national overhaul, the Boise VA Medical Center was audited to figure out how long veterans are waiting to see a doctor.

The audit revealed that veterans at the Boise VA on average wait less than a month for a first appointment, but normally wait 52 days to see a specialist.

While 90 percent of the Boise center were scheduled within a month, it was less than the national average of 96 days.

The audit also revealed that established patients have far less wait times. seven days for a specialist, and often only one day for a primary care or mental health doctor.

Many people we talked with say they haven't seen long wait times such as other parts of the country that have gained national attention. Kim Huksa of Boise said she had a great experience when she was first diagnosed with cancer.

"From the time I was diagnosed, to the time of surgery was two weeks and chemo a month, month and a half maybe at the most," said Huksa. "Before they started chemo so I didn't have a problem with that at all."

She also admits to experiencing some of the long wait times in the past when she had other services at other VA facilities around the country. Although she said it's been greatly improved since personalized websites came out for veterans. Which allows them to talk with doctors and make appointments.