Boise to start over with City Hall art selection

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- The City of Boise wants a signature $200,000 large scale work of art to adorn a redesigned city hall plaza.

Three out-of-state finalists were recently selected from a nationwide competition but no artists from idaho were considered.

"The committee felt that the Idaho artists who submitted didn't have sufficient experience," said Adam Park, spokesman for Mayor Dave Bieter.

But check out some of the public outrage over that decision posted on the city's website.

"Did you people lose your mother loving minds?" reads one post.
So the city is starting the whole process over, in part because of the public outcry but also because the committee wasn't overly enamored with the final submissions.

But this time around, the city says emphasis will be on artistic quality, not qualifications.

"It's an open process," said Park. "It allows for all ideas to come forward. We think that will be a great way to find the best one for this location."

Keep in mind, this new process, this open call, does not guarantee an artist from idaho will get the contract.

But some people we talked to say it should be an Idahoan.

"We pride ourself on local," said Rachel Gallegos of Boise. "Why would it be any different for art?"

"We promote Buy Idaho and all that," said Matt O'Connor. "I say keep it in state, keep it local."

Now the city's dealing with what's truly become an art form -- trying to please everyone.