Boise River to increase flows to 9,500 cfs by next week

Ada County prepares for flooding next week. (photos courtesy of Ada County)

The Boise River will increase its historic flows by several hundred cfs next week, the US Bureau of Reclamation said Thursday.

The US Army Corps of Engineers will be increasing flow rates to approximately 9,500 cfs starting next week.

"Right now, we're only planning on going up to 9500 cfs. Our current forecasting and models show that's all the higher we need to go," said Mary Mellema, a hydrologist with the Bureau of Reclamation. "But if conditions change...we could have to go higher in upcoming weeks."

The flow rates on the Boise River will rise by 300 cfs on Monday. Tuesday, flow rates will increase by another 300 cfs.

River managers are waiting until next week to make the releases because they want to give Ada County more time to install additional anti-flooding barriers near Eagle Island and the gravel pit area there, a trouble spot on the swollen river for many weeks.

Since the measuring gauge was installed at the Glenwood Bridge in Garden City, the highest recorded flow was measured at 9,840 cfs in June of 1983.