Boise River threatens homes in Canyon County


The Boise River is flowing through Canyon County with the same speed and depth as it is in Ada County.

"Never seen this before ever ever," said Jeff Davis of Middleton.

Water from the Boise River is spilling over its banks in spots and reaching some neighbor's backyards in the Middleton Lakes subdivision.

"It's disturbing especially when you live close to it," Davis said.

Water from the river is turning small ponds into lakes.

"I've never seen it this high before, ever. My wife and I fish these ponds all the time and I've never ever seen it this high before in my life," Davis said.

Canyon County emergency planners are shoring up plans with partner agencies.

David J Schorzman / Cc emergency manager

"Our first concern is safety, so if people can't fight the flood, our #1 concern is to get people out of danger and to higher ground," said David J. Schorzman, Canyon County Emergency Manager.

With plenty of snow still in the mountains... neighbors are now taking notice and thinking about what needs to be done.

"Pretty harry and we don't have sandbags yet," Davis said.