Boise Rescue Mission needs your help!

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - 5000 families are going to be served turkey dinners by the Boise Rescue Mission this holiday season. But the non-profit is only half way to its goal of 5000 turkeys.

Right now managers are struggling to figure out how to get 500 more
birds for Thanksgiving next week. It seems an insurmountable goal, but Boise residents have pulled it off before.

"We have seen better things happen. Last year with our best summer ever we saw an incredible need met in a weeks time so I know that the people of the Treasure Valley will be able to help their neighbors in need," says Megan Korthals, the Rescue Mission's communications director.

Turkeys are averaging about $15 right now. If that seems like a lot of money to you, just imagine how many people you'll feed with a donation.

"With one turkey you are feeding up to six to eight people in a family and that's not including the leftovers that people are using. So it's a significant number of meals that you are actually serving with just $15," says Korthals.

The Boise Rescue Mission hosts two Thanksgiving banquets on Wednesday, one in Nampa at the Church of the Nazarene and the other in Boise at the Cathedral of the Rockies. If you would like to attend, you are asked to RSVP, but the rescue mission will not turn you away if you just show up.

To learn how to make a donation to the rescue mission click here .