Boise Police officer cited after causing downtown crash

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - A Boise Police officer has been cited for failing to yield in an intersection after causing a crash that sent two people to the hospital back in July.

Garden City Police said Thursday that its investigation resulted in a citation for officer Nicolas Ellis.

"Although officer Ellis was responding to an emergency call with his emergency equipment (lights and sirens) activated, he was obligated to yield to pass a motorist who had the right-of-way and was already in the intersection," Garden City PD chief James Bensley said.

Officials say on July 9, an officer at 13th and Myrtle radioed that he needed urgent help from additional officers because he was in an altercation with two men.

Three minutes later, Ellis called dispatch to report the crash.

The driver in the SUV and his wife, Robert and Fredrikka McCarthy, received minor injuries.

"We conflict these cases out to other law enforcement agencies for an objective and unbiased review and we appreciate the work of the Garden City Police Department in this investigation," said Boise Chief of Police Michael Masterson.

"Our officers are trained and expected to keep public safety first, even in emergency responses. Even when mistakes aren't intentional, we are all held accountable."

Ellis faces a $90 fine.

BPD said in a news release that the department's Internal Affairs department will conduct an internal investigation to determine if policies, training and procedure were followed by the involved officer. When violations of policy are found, officers are subject to disciplinary action by the department.