Boise Police looking at lottery grab and dash video

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Police say they think two people may know about lottery tickets that were stolen from two different stores on the same night. One of the stores was a Maverik on the 2700 block of West Main Street. No one was hurt and it was more of a reach and grab.

Just a block away, Jerry's 27th Street Market says they were hit as well in May. The owner says a customer spent more than $200 on scratch-offs that night right in front of her. But after they closed, that wasn't enough for him. She says he came back and broke into the store for more tickets. Store owner Hiral Fandel said, "The only ones that were stolen were the three specific ones that he was playing."

She says he stole more than $500 worth of scratch-offs. It turned out the police eventually caught up with him trying to cash in. "If you steal them it's a misdemeanor, and then when you try to cash them in it's a felony offense. He tried to cash them in I think seven or eight times," Fandel said.

Now police are looking for other people who made off with more tickets at the Maverik. They say that the persons of interest they are looking for are in their late teens or early twenties. Police say they were seen driving a white Ford Explorer.