Boise Police investigating attempted child enticement

A sketch of the suspect. If you can help police identify this man, call 343-COPS. (Photo courtesy of Boise Police Department)

Boise Police is investigating an attempted child enticement that reportedly happened in the Boise Foothills on Saturday, April 22.

Police say a man repeatedly spoke to three minors and attempted to lure them into a secluded trail behind Camel's Back Park. Police also say it is reported the man may have touched the children against their will. After, the man left the area and may have gotten into a car in the parking lot. The three minors left Camel's Back and told a trusted adult about what happened.

Police are asking anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at 343-COPS.

Police also remind parents to review these Child Safety Tips with your child:

1. Yell "No!" when someone asks a child to approach an unknown vehicle, house or tries to grab the child.

2. "Go", run away

3. "Tell" a trusted adult who can call the police.