Boise PD says officer disciplined after YouTube video goes viral

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - An internal police investigation that was launched after a video showing a Boise Police officer confronting a man during a traffic stop in Boise has lead to the discipline of an officer, the department said Wednesday.

Gavin Seim, who was traveling through Boise, says he was using his camera to record a traffic stop in Boise.

"I was observing Boise Police from a distance of about 50-60 feet," he says in the video's description.

"The officer confronts me demanding ID and wanting to pat me down. I refuse all advances from her but at one point she firmly grabs my arm and pulls on it. After a discussion with various officers we go our separate ways."

The video of Boise police Sergeant Lori Sperry has been viewed more than 64,000 times.

"This week, an internal investigation concluded the officer's behavior did not live up to the policy and expectations of the department. The matter has been addressed consistent with internal disciplinary procedures," police said in a news release.

BPD did not disclose what kind of discipline was handed down to the officer.

"I'm glad to see the BPD responded and now appears to be aware of the law they swore to uphold," Seim told KBOI 2News on Wednesday. "I'm glad they didn't blow it off as irrelevant, although I am disappointed with the vagueness and lack of transparency. I suspect that little discipline was actually given and I have to ask again, 'what would the result be had the roles been reversed?"'

The news about the officer came along with other updates from recent incidents involving the department.

"I firmly believe offering this information offers greater accountability on the part of police and provides us with a forum to continue to dialogue with the people we serve," Boise Chief of Police Michael Masterson said.

"The community should know that when we do make mistakes, we hold ourselves accountable and are committed to improving the way we police ourselves and our community."

Watch the full video from YouTube