Boise PD partners with Bike Index to help folks get their stolen bikes back

If you're a city cyclist then you know the pain and frustration of having to carry around a whopping great bike lock that weighs as much as an extra limb, all in the faint hope of keeping your bike unstolen for another day. Featuring: Altor double lock Where: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States When: 10 May 2016 Credit: Altor (Supplied by

Boise Police has partnered with a nationwide bicycle registration service to help folks get their stolen bicycles back.

Boise PD says it's partnered with Bike Index to help increase the likelihood of getting it back to the rightful owner. BPD has had a registry, which has been used since the early 90s, but this will help expand that effort.

Bike Index claims it's the most widely used and successful bicycle registration service with 132,000 cataloged bicycles.

If you'd like to register your bicycle, head over to the City of Boise site and there you can catalog the bike information and upload a photo.

BPD officers receive about 30 reports of stolen bicycles every month.

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