Boise parks could start fining dog owners who break the rules

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Watch out dog walkers! You may have to pay up if you don't follow park rules with your furry friend.

Boise Parks and Recreation is pushing for the city to pass an ordinance that would allow them to ticket dog owners for breaking rules, which is a power they don't have right now.

Parks and Rec says dog owners don't always always follow signs stating dog rules in parks. And when that happens, all that park staff can do is ask them to read the sign and do what it says. So Parks and Rec is asking the city to allow it to be able to penalize those who don't play by the rules.

"The resolution basically gives it the teeth, so to speak, that the animal enforcement folks would need in order to enforce the rules," said Doug Holloway, Director of Boise Parks and Recreation.

If the proposal is passed, animal enforcement officers could give out $25 tickets plus court fees to go along with them.

You'd see the biggest changes in the Boise Depot's Platt Gardens, Hyatt Hidden Lakes Reserve and several cemeteries, where dogs are prohibited. And in Marianne Williams Park, dog owners who don't strictly keep their dogs on only the greenbelt would be fined as well.

The ordinance would also allow for anyone who breaks leash rules or forgets to pick up after their pet to be fined in the parks that do allow dogs.

Boise City Council is expected to vote on the proposal on January 14th.