Boise Music Fest reactions

GARDEN CITY, Idaho (KBOI) - Many Garden City bars and restaurants say the Boise Music Festival was a boom for business. But it was a bust for some of those shelling out the cash.

When we asked our viewers about traffic issues on Facebook, they gave negative responses.

Carol wrote, "As the community grows, traffic flow should be addressed, or do not have such activities. Traffic was horrible."

Julia wrote, "Drove from Caldwell to Boise to attend, but couldn't find parking and the traffic was unbelievable. When we finally got there, we decided this wasn't worth it at all, so we turned around and went to the Canyon County Fair instead."

Linda said she also left because parking was too hard to find, and she wrote, "Maybe this event should be held to a certain number of attendees that have purchased tickets in advance."

But even for some of those who navigated the traffic delays, the slowdowns didn't stop once they got inside.

Amy wrote, "We were was awful!! Will never go again... All of the food and drink lines were insanely long. It was not fun."

This was the second year the Boise Music Fest was at Expo Idaho the first two years it was at Ann Morrison Park. The Boise Music Fest was moved to Expo Idaho in part to better control the large crowds.