Boise Music Fest helps and hurts local business

GARDEN CITY, Idaho (KBOI) - Around 85,000 people poured into Garden City for this year's Boise Music Festival. When Expo Idaho parking lots filled, cars spilled over into surrounding store and restaurant parking lots.

Some businesses say that was a good thing, while some say it hurt them.

KBOI 2News talked to a manager at the Fred Meyer across from Expo Idaho. He says the store's parking lot was completely full. He says the store lost a drastic amount of business on Saturday because customers weren't able to find parking.

But nearby bar owner Steve Gibson says he didn't let just anyone park on his lot.

"We spent the day outside, two of us, just telling people that our parking lot is customer parking only," Gibson said.

And he tells KBOI 2News that paid off. He says his bar had the largest one-day sales total it's ever seen.