Boise moose tranquilized, officials to relocate it back into the woods

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Idaho Fish and Game officials have tranquilized a moose that's been running along the Boise Greenbelt and in the Boise River, atttracting curious crowds of onlookers.

The moose has apparently been in the area for about a month, but the Warm Springs Golf Course tweeted a photo Tuesday morning.

"Imagine our surprise when this guy showed up on the golf course this morning," the golf course tweeted.

Officials told KBOI 2News the 400-500 pound moose is likely about a year old and most likely got confused when it started moving toward town. It's spent most of the afternoon heading east in the Boise River.

Areas of the greenbelt were closed to avoid crowds near the moose.

Once loaded inside a trailer, officials had the moose on bags of ice to help cool it down. Officials say they plan to take the moose up to the Idaho City area and plan to release it later today.