Boise man helps others with snow

BOISE, Idaho - Shoveling snow can be back breaking work and not everyone can get out and clear sidewalks.

That's where Les Brochman comes in. We met him in a neighborhood near 25th and Main in Boise. He was shoveling the sidewalks for his neighbors, like he does every time it snows.

Brochman says he has been doing this for 10 years. And many of his neighbors don't even know he's the one that clears the snow from their sidewalk.

"I like doing it unseen and it just makes me feel good to help other people," said Brochman.

He also volunteers at a nearby church, so people can walk safely to and from services.

"I go through shovels quite often," said Brochman.

When asked why he does it, he says the answer is simple.

"It needs to be done, somebody's got to do it," said Brochman.