Boise man faces future of paying back victim for his action

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Mirika Bideganeta told Judge Patrick Owen about her personal difficulty since Thomas MacFarlane crashed the scooter on which she was a passenger in July of last year, then dragged her broken body from the scene and left her in a yard.

The 30-year-old mother of three spent time in a coma and has life-changing injuries.

"Every day I fight for some sense of normalcy," she said in state district court Friday. "Every day is hard."

MacFarlane, 22, was repentant.

"I'm standing today in front of everybody as a broken man," he told Judge Owen, "broken for decisions I made and the consequences of those decisions on other people."

Judge Owen ordered MacFarlane to spend 20 years in prison for felony leaving the scene of the accident.

Then he suspended that sentence, replacing it with this: one year in the Ada County jail, eligible for work release after six months with 20 years probation.

The sentence means if MacFarlene doesn't violate probation he can work to pay restitution.

The Bideganeta family had mixed reactions to the sentence.

"Granted we would like more punishment," said Sandy Bideganeta, Mirika's mother, "but if we ask for more time in jail, he's just sitting there lounging basically, not taking responsibility to do the financial end of it."

Sandy Bideganeta says her daughter will never be able to make a full recovery, but she says the family is blessed by the fact she's even alive.