Boise horse 'Tuck' learns how to paint

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- A new artist is helping others through his artwork.

'Tuck' is the Painting Horse of the West -- but he's not horsing around when it comes to his work.

The Boise-based horse has sold more than a dozen paintings -- money that goes toward Ride for Joy -- a therapeutic horseback riding program.

"I feel like, with his talent, and what we're able to produce, that we can sell his paintings and donate 50 percent of the proceeds at least to get that program rolling at ride for joy," said Nancy Powers, who describes herself as Tuck's assistant.

On KBOI's visit over the weekend, Tuck was a little shy at times. This was his first experience with anybody professionally taping him.

"I am so happy that he has found his new career at age 23, and that this career can benefit others," Powers said. "So that's why we do it, every day, seven days a week."

Tuck has bad ankles, but makes time to get the work done so that others can benefit.

"I'm pretty proud of him and the kind of animal that he his and what he's done to help others," Powers said. "And so I'm really happy to think that, I'm 67 and he's 23, that, you know, we can still continue to help others. And kind of hoping that's the legacy for both of us."