Boise firefighters save dog trapped in house fire

BOISE- Some quick thinking, and even quicker action, helps save a family dog from a burning home.

When members of the Boise Fire Department arrived at a home on Peasly Street, they found smoke billowing out of the windows.

As firefighters rushed to put out the flames, they also had to restrain a resident.

That person was trying to get back inside to save a dog, locked in its kennel in the basement.

"Edgar (the dog) was still inside the house and so Matt just yelled to get him, saying there is a dog in the house!" said J.D. Hawley. "You got to get the dog out. So, I think within seconds they got him out. I was just so happy."

Edgar is a little shaken up, but should be okay.

The damage to the home is contained to the interior.