Boise doctor asks judge to overturn decision revoking his license

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- A Boise doctor is asking a state district judge to overturn a state board of medicine decision to revoke his medical license, according to court documents.

The Idaho Board of Medicine confirms its decision this month to revoke the medical license of Boise child psychiatrist Dr. Richard Pines after a hearing last winter on a complaint filed against him from August 2012.

The complaint details five charges against Pines including an allegation that in January 2011, Pines used a physical examination on his former foster child, who was still a senior in high school "as a ruse to get (him) undressed and allow (pines) to touch (him) sexually."

One local woman, who says her child was treated by Pines for six years, says she's stunned by the developments and wants more information.

"My assumption is that there was something there," said the woman who asked not to be identified. "For them to revoke his license, they would have had to have reasonable cause to do that."

KBOI News could not reach Pines and his attorney declined comment for the time being.

But Pines denied the allegations in his formal written response to the board of medicine.

No criminal charges were ever filed.