Boise City Hall eyes potential expansion to the southwest

BOISE, Idaho (BOISE) -- Boise City Hall is starting to look at an area southwest of the city limits called Ten Mile Creek as a place for future growth.

But hold your horses -- annexation is a long way off.

"We need to look at the cost of extending sewer, providing parks and police and fire services," said Boise City Council President Maryann Jordan. "There are a lot of things that have to be analyzed in terms of annexation and growth."

The area encompasses some 1,440 acres south of Columbia Road, traversing lands between South Cloverdale and South Cole Roads.

The land is primarily undeveloped but many see its potential for residential and commercial growth.

"And so the assumption is it will develop quite densely at some point in time."

According to the 2010 census, this areas is comprised of just 78 households with some 228 residents.

People will have the chance to voice their opinions.

The first of many public hearings is set for early August on whether to include ten mile creek in the city's area of impact...a necessary move for any potential annexation.

And Ten Mile Creek will discussed at the city council's work session starting at 3 pm Tuesday at City Hall.