Boise celebrates 150 years

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Thousands of people gathered at Julia Davis Park to celebrate Boise's 150th birthday. The city has been planning the sesquicentennial celebration for three years.

"We came at this with three big themes of community, environment and enterprise because those seem to be things we talk about when we talk about Boise," said Terri Schorzman, Director of the Boise Department of Art and History, "If people understand those things and value those things they do better going forward."

Schorzman and her team set up dozens of exhibitions and performing arts performances along with two beer gardens, several concerts and numerous food trucks and booths.

Booths highlighting community projects and environmental groups showcased two of the main themes. And to represent enterprise, around 30 local small businesses unveiled new products for the event. One of the most notable was Payette Brewing Co.'s '150' beer.

Schorzman says the main objective of the day, however, was to teach locals about the City of Trees.

"I think it's really important that people learn about their community and celebrate it because they value it more," she said, "It makes them perhaps engage in a way that's more meaningful."