Boise business relocates after five burglaries in six months

Boise business relocates after five burglaries in six months

The Ada County Sheriff's Office says Anthony Amore Jr. was convicted for burglarizing High Desert Horses in July of 2016. He'll spend the next two years in prison with eight years' probation.

"The point is - that if you follow through, the system does work," said owner Dan Smith.

The knives and leather store was located in the stage shop off of I-84…until they had five burglaries over the course of six months.

"Because we were 11 miles out of town, it's kind of an island to itself. Law enforcement is a long way off. And the building you can't secure it it's open 24 hours a day," Smith said.

The first time it happened, High Desert Horses was out over $1500.

"We knew that if we did not find a more secure, more suitable location, we were not going to be able to 100% secure our inventory which would eventually put us out of business," Smith said.

Not all of the incidents were done by the same burglars, according to the Ada County Sheriff's Office,

There are still at least two suspects they are trying to track down.

But smith is confident the thieves will be caught soon.

"The crooks are not going to deter folks like us,” Smith said. “I will follow through, whatever it takes, to incarcerate these people and to help stop that kind of crime."

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