Boise business man goes Superman, saves 95-year-old driver

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Wayne Rancourt of Boise, was on a bus headed to a business lunch in San Francisco. He's a CFO for Boise Cascade and was in town for the day.

He says a car hit the median and flipped upside down ahead of them on the off ramp.

He says the driver was a 95-year-old man named Bob that was hanging upside down by his seat belt on. Oakland Police say there was also a 75-year-old woman named Loraine in the passenger side. Several bus passengers ran out to the rescue of the elderly couple.

Rancourt says he jumped in the back door of the overturned car and saw that Bob was bleeding.

"I quickly pulled off my sport coat and tie and tore off my dress shirt because I knew we would have to try to find some way to stop the bleeding on this guy's head," Rancourt said.

Meanwhile others from the bus were helping Loraine who was in the passenger seat. Rancourt says, "I was trying to reassure her while she was laying there that he was going to be OK and had to reassure Bob that she was OK."

Oakland Police complimented Rancourt and the others for their help. And he still had a business meeting to go to. But he was out of town with a bloody shirt left behind.

"(I) jumped on the train into San Francisco and then went to a men's store and bought a dress shirt so I could go to the business lunch I was scheduled to go to," he said.

He says he did what he hopes someone would do if his family was hurt. And he still made his meeting.

"It was a good lunch story and I had a good reason for being late," he said.

Oakland Police called Rancourt to thank him and they told him that the couple in the car, Bob and Loraine are in stable condition at the hospital.