Boise bike lane planning continues

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- After spending some $80,000 to set up and take down the bike lane pilot project in downtown Boise last spring, the Ada County Highway District is turning to a group of stakeholders to come up with a new bike lane implementation plan.

It's an undertaking that could cost some $29,000 in transportation engineering, planning, and research services, says ACHD.

Jimmy Hallyburton with the Boise Bicycle Project is in the stakeholder group (which includes ACHD, Boise, CCDC, Valley Regional Transit and many others).

"Basically were looking at the pilot project of buffered bike lanes they put in last May," he said, "and we are evaluating what is going to be the best practices as far as re-implementing those bike lanes as far as where they fit, or where they don't fit."

Capitol Boulevard is the primary focus right now for several reason. For one thing it's wide enough to handle bike lanes. And it's an excellent north-south corridor for bicyclists.

And the pressure's on because ACHD plans to start resurfacing Capitol Boulevard next month and the Capitol Boulevard bike lane plan needs to be done by then. Other street plans can wait.

"It's not that this (Capitol Boulevard) is the only thing that were discussing," said Hallyburton. "This is the one that has the timeline closing in the fastest," he said.

Overall, there are three options.

"There's the downtown Boise implementation plan, already approved, there's that exact same plan with a few amendments, and there's that same plan with the buffered bike lanes," said Hallyburton.

Over the next few weeks, a final plan should start to emerge.