Boise Bench murder unsolved one year later

Since her 74-year-old mother Phyllis Ward was murdered in her Boise bench home one year ago, Jennifer Holley has been on a grim journey.

"I was really scared to be in my own house. To be outside," Holley said. "it was just really scary. These things don't happen in Boise. I still go to grief counseling because it's hard to deal with what happened to her. I wish she would have died naturally. The whole thing about not finding a suspect in a year is hard."

At first, it appeared Phyllis Ward had perished in her bedroom when her house caught fire.

But an autopsy revealed the chilling fact she died from multiple blows to the head before fire destroyed her bedroom.

To Jennifer and her two brothers, it seemed incredulous their warm, loving mother could be murdered at home in a nice neighborhood full of good people.

A year later, no arrests have been made.

No detectives were available to be interviewed fro this story, but Boise police spokesman Charles McLure released a statement that says "Boise police continues to pursue leads and evidence, working closely with prosecutors. Justice for Phyllis Ward and the Ward family is a high priority."

We asked Jennifer Holley if she was angry.

"I haven't been angry, but I'm getting more angry as time goes by," she said. "This person is out there and they did this to my family."

(To be clear, Holley's anger is NOT directed at Boise police. She says the detectives are "great and are working every angle.)