Boise basketball star roots on future teammates in NCAA Tournament

Delveion Jackson, a senior at Centennial High, roots on his future team, U.C. Davis, in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. (KBOI Photo)

On Wednesday, U.C. Davis beat N.C. Central and earned their spot in round two of the NCAA Tournament.

For one Boise high school student, tonight's game was more than just an ordinary first four game.

Delveion Jackson cheered U.C. Davis on to victory, a team he will soon call his own.

"I've been waiting for this game for a while, I couldn't focus all week," Jackson said Tuesday as he watched the game.

Jackson has been playing basketball since he was a third-grader. This year his team at Centennial High School made it to the state championship.

Soon, he'll fulfill his lifelong dream of playing college ball.

"It's pretty incredible, my family, my brother, my sister, my dad, you know have all just been believing in me, since I was a little kid, so just to watch this actually happen and go through this myself, it's pretty great, it's a good feeling," Jackson said.

He's already committed to U.C. Davis, and has met and practiced with the players.

Jackson has high hopes for the team in the tournament this year.

"To win the entire thing, win it all," said Jackson.

Next year, he could be the one on the TV screen.

"That'd be something great," said Jackson.