Boise air controllers put on furlough notice

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- April is the cruelest month, the poet wrote.

And air traffic controllers at the Boise Airport may agree.

Starting April 7th, they've been ordered by the Federal Aviation Administration to start taking time off without pay, thanks to the automatic budget cuts -- the sequester.

Air traffic manager Gordon Stewart got his furlough notice Wednesday.

"I certainly don't envy people with young families, or who just bought houses," Stewart said, "because nobody welcomes a reduction in pay. But we recognize these are difficult economic times. We're willing to do our part. We just hope the pain is spread out equitably."

There are 33 FAA employees at the Boise Air Control Tower, including 20 fully certified air traffic controllers. Every one of them is affected by this furlough notice.

Beginning next month, each one will take a one-day furlough each two-week pay period through the end of September.

Stewart doesn't expect the furloughs will change much for the public at least in the short term.

But if the furloughs continue past September, he says it's a different story.