Boa found in Idaho parking lot returned to owner

CALDWELL, Idaho (AP) - A 6-foot boa constrictor that was spotting slithering into a vehicle's engine compartment outside an Idaho shopping center has been reunited with its owner.

The Idaho Press-Tribune reports that Arline Dougherty has her beloved pet snake Jethro back at home in Caldwell.

The boa escaped from Dougherty's backyard cage Aug. 4 after her grandson left the lid unlatched. Dougherty suspects Jethro made it to the Wal-Mart four miles away the same way he almost left it: By hitching a ride in an engine compartment.

Police recovered the snake but didn't know who the owner was, and so gave it to a man who said he had the resources to care for it. When Dougherty saw the news, she contacted police, who put her in touch with the man.


Information from: Idaho Press-Tribune,