Black bear that ate goats, raided Avimor neighborhood killed

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Idaho Fish and Game says officers had to kill a black bear that ventured into the Avimor area north of Boise earlier this month.

Idaho Fish and Game says the black bear ventured down from the high country into the Shadow Valley area. The bear raided several trash cans and later went into a livestock pen where he killed and partially ate two goats.

The bear was shot and killed by officers April 20.

"This bear showed up in the same area last year and someone made the mistake of intentionally feeding him," Oneale said.

In the days that followed, the bear raided more trash cans and acted aggressive toward people.

Fish and Game says he was finally live-trapped and moved to the Garden Valley backcountry in the fall, where he apparently hibernated. This spring, he returned to the place where he remembered receiving easy food.

"All bears are opportunists; their whole life revolves around food," Oneale said. "They remember every single location where they receive a food reward, and if they get one from your residence, or your neighbor's residence, they will be back for more."