'Bizarre case': Intruder stabbed to death in Wash. home

NORTH BEND, Wash. (AP) - An intruder who was stabbed to death early Monday at a North Bend home is apparently the same man who robbed a woman in the house Sunday, but King County sheriff's investigators don't know who he is, why the house was targeted or why he came back.

"This is a weird deal, just a bizarre case," said sheriff's spokeswoman Sgt. Cindi West.

A couple with a baby daughter and the wife's mother were in the home about 1:40 a.m. Monday when the couple were awakened by barking dogs.

The man went to check on the dogs and was confronted by the intruder. They started fighting and the wife jumped in to help. One of the residents grabbed a knife and stabbed the suspect during the struggle. The intruder died at the scene, the sheriff's office said.

The intruder is probably the same person who entered the house through an unlocked door Sunday afternoon, just about 12 hours earlier, when the wife was home with her daughter and mother, West said. The robber assaulted her and got away with cash.

She didn't get a good look at him because her hair was grabbed from behind, West said.

Deputies searched the area with a tracking dog but were unable to find the suspect.

Investigators don't believe the residents know the intruder and there's nothing to indicate why the house was attacked. There's no marijuana growing in the home, for example, West said.

"We have not seen anything that would explain why this house was targeted," she said.

The dead intruder was not immediately identified. Deputies who work in the area don't recognize him, West said. There was no vehicle found associated with the man.

The couple had no significant injuries from the fatal fight, but a detective told West they were likely sore because it was "quite a struggle." In the attack Sunday, the woman was slapped and punched in the face and suffered an ankle injury as she was dragged by her hair.