Bishop Kelly student asks girlfriend to prom via billboard

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - At first glance, you think you're looking at a typical billboard ad. But if you look twice, you'll see Bishop Kelly High School senior John Alder's "prom-posal" to his girlfriend.

"It's our last prom and I just kind of wanted to do something special," Alder said.

His girlfriend, Betsy Sabala, says she was taken by surprise to see her face on a billboard outside her school.

"He was actually telling me that he wasn't going to ask me in a creative way because we've been dating for a while," Sabala said.

The billboard read like an advertisement: "Must be pretty, sweet, a tennis playerand named Betsy Sabala." Alder pulled the stunt off thanks to a little help from his dad, who is general manager of Lamar Advertising in Boise.

"I kinda used a little loophole," he said.

But the high schooler did need to cover the production cost of the 11-by-23 foot ad, which added up to about $110.

According to Alder's dad, Larry, this was a rare window of opportunity. The company normally sells the ad space in four week increments.

Dad only allowed the billboard to be up for three days, but the couple says they got quite a reaction from classmates.

"Girls are like 'oh that's really cute, that's really sweet' and guys are like 'props, dude,'" Alder said.

"Even teachers have come up and said, "wow, what a cool guy!" Sabala said.

Alder was relieved to learn that his girlfriend's answer was yes.