Bill in the works to strengthen security of students' personal data

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- In the wake of the NSA spying scandal and the identity breach at Target stores, the Idaho Department of Education reports rising concern among parents that a student's personal information may be spread all over and misused.

"And what we're making clear is that Idaho controls that information," said State Schools Superintendent Tom Luna. "And that we don't send it out of the state."

Idaho does provide general achievement data to federally funded assessment groups.

"But it's always rolled up into groups and classrooms and schools," Luna said. "and sent in aggregate, not individual children."

Idaho is one of 34 states that recently made a public declaration that they will not share personally identifiable student data with the federal government.

In fact Superintendent Luna is working with lawmakers at the state legislature right now to draft legislation that would strengthen the security of student information.

"It'll make it very clear what data can be collected, that the data stays in Idaho, and any info that leaves Idaho is on the aggregate, not the individual student," Luna said.

Luna says he knows of no case where student information has been abused.

But he also says in this cyber day and information age, it's easier than ever to have privacy compromised.

The federal government says it only requests personal data to administer student loans or investigate complaints.