Bike lane survey in downtown Boise shows mixed reviews

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - ACHD says downtown bike lanes will be around for almost another two weeks. The online survey is still going through the end of May as well for people that want to weigh in on how they like the bike lanes.

ACHD says when polling first started in May, it was 60 - 40 against keeping the bike lanes but now ACHD says the needle has shifted closer to even with cyclists catching up in the polling.

"Cyclists like it a lot, they think they feel like they have their own protected area and they enjoy the comfort and safety in that. But that's not universal in the cycling community," Craig Quintana of ACHD said.

Quintana says cyclists are still using the side walk rather than using the bike lanes. They say that bikers lose sight of drivers in their side vision riding in the lanes and feel safer on the side walk.

So far there have been more than 4,600 people who have taken the survey. ACHD says that nearly 52 percent recomment removing the bike lanes, while 48 percent are voting to keep them.

ACHD says from the 500 emails it has received, about two to one were against the bike lanes. Commissioners will meet on Wednesday to decide if they want to extend having the bike lanes through June.

No matter what the turnout is for the survey, ACHD says it was never meant to be an up or down vote on what the commissioners would do about keeping the lanes. They say that they would look at other factors such as business response and city input as well.