Beyond an alarm, there are tons of tricks and tips to burglar-proof your home

Boise Police have recently responded to more than 50 home burglaries, or attempted burglaries, and there are ways to easily burglar-proof your home.

Burglar-proofing doesn't mean just installing an alarm system, but finding multiple ways to stop the burglar in its tracks.

Sgt. John Terry gave KBOI 2News a tour around a home - but with a burglar's point-of-view.

First things first, don't make it easy for an intruder to window-shop, or peek inside your home. Keep the blinds and/or curtains down when you aren't home.

"So when a thief comes up here he's probably going to look through the windows to see if this house is a place he will want to come back to and look for something valuable to take," Terry explained. "So he can come over here and look through the window - I can automatically see a laptop, I can see a women's purse over there, I can see a large screen TV or monitor and some other miscellaneous computer equipment. Looks like there's something of value that's quick and easy for him to take."

Terry says it's a good idea to update windows as well. Windows with two locks are harder to break into.

"The older style windows will just have one, leaving the middle, it's super simple, they'll just bow out the window just slightly enough to defeat the lock, and away they go, they open the window, and now they can get in."

It's important to keep windows clear of any overgrown landscaping. Burglars can use tall plants to hide behind without neighbors spotting them. Terry points out that inexpensive lighting is a great way to scare off potential thieves.

"Get a motion light, the light comes on, it tells the thief that now someone has the opportunity to look at me, so the neighbors could then see me looking around the house maybe, otherwise, he's in the darkness the whole time."

Next, make it look like someone is home when you're gone by setting TVs or radios on timers.

Garages can also be an easy target if the door isn't closed and locked.

"You left it open for some reason, they look in there (and see) two high-end bicycles on the wall; they can also see two tool chests immediately accessible...all they have to do is walk in here and grab it," Terry said.

Most garages can be locked from the inside, preventing thieves from lifting the door.

If you do have an alarm system, Sgt. Terry says to make sure the sign for it is outside, and that it looks clean and new, that way burglars know it's newer, and not just a sign from a previous owner.

Lastly, he says leaving a spare key with a neighbor rather than the front porch is a good idea, too.

"Your neighbors are your set of eyes when you're not home."