Bergdahl moves to outpatient care in Texas

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Over the weekend Idaho's Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl went from inpatient care at Brooke Army Medical Center to outpatient status at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

"All that really means is that he's receiving continued care through the reintegration team," said Col. Hans Bush, a U.S. Army spokesman at the Texas base. "But he's doing it in a larger area and it's Fort Sam Houston."

Brooke Army Medical Center is on the base, but the army would not reveal the Hailey native's new location at Fort Sam to "safeguard the reintegration process."

Bergdahl, 28, who was held captive for nearly five years by the Taliban, was released in a controversial prisoner swap May 31.

Bergdahl's release has come amid an outcry that he deserted his post with an army unit in Afghanistan.

As he moves through the reintegration process, Col. Bush said a time will come when Bergdahl can, for example, go into nearby San Antonio.

"He will be exposed to an ever-broadening range of places he can go," said the colonel. "But he will go under the care and guidance and timing directed by reintegration caregivers."

It's still unclear whether or not Bergdahl has been able to visit with or even talk to his family but the family has requested that they be the only ones to release information about their contact and travel and the military is honoring that request.

The army says Bergdahl is getting gradual access to media reports about his capture by the Taliban, his release May 31 after some five years, and the controversy surrounding it all.

"Yes, he has received access to media reporting about him," said Col. Bush, "but where he's at in the story as it's unfolded in the media I can't say with precision."

The army says the ultimate goal is to have Bergdahl declared fit for duty.

Perhaps then he will personally be questioned by army investigators about what happened some five years ago in Afghanistan.