Beloved rooster 'McNugget' killed in Wash. dog attack

ISSAQUAH, Wash. -- A beloved rooster that has been a staple of an Issaquah espresso stand has been killed in a dog attack, according to The Issaquah Press.

Michelle Schneider, owner of the Your Espresso stand in the Staples parking lot where McNugget lived, told The Press a neighbor saw a local dog escape from a home and kill the rooster.

"She just saw the dog run off with the rooster in his mouth," Schnieder said.

The Press reports it's believed the dog was in the care of a dog sitter while its owners were out of town.

McNugget had been at the espresso stand for 11 years and was well known in the community.

"It's a pretty big deal in Issaquah, actually," Schneider told KOMO News during an interview in June, 2013.

Back in 2002, McNugget escaped from "The Grange". He was captured, but then got out again and had been content to live life out and about around town.

Watch Eric Johnson's feature on McNugget from 2013:

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