Beautiful Nate: the story of hope

BOISE - A Treasure Valley man who once ran for Congress and hosts public lectures on family values has written a book about the loss of his son.

Conservative family-values speaker Dennis Mansfield wrote "Beautiful Nate."

His book documents their son's battle with drugs, that would ultimately lead to his death in 2009, at the age of 27.

Mansfield says his 256-page book is one of hope and how parents can look at raising their children.

"Whether they're child-centered and fear-based, or whether they've had the opportunity to free their children and give them the opportunity to live their lives, knowing that consequences can happen, based on what we do and what we don't do," Mansfield said.

Mansfield was a candidate for U.S. Congress in 2000.

His book is published by Simon & Schuster and available online and at Treasure Valley bookstores.