BBB: Scammers becoming more aggressive

CANYON COUNTY, Idaho (KBOI) - Robert Mcleod was worried after receiving a call that his son had just been in a car accident, and the people that were hit are demanding money for repairs.

It turns out it was what authorities call a "phishing scam."

It has worried watchdog groups who say the thieves on the other line are pretending to be bad drug dealers who will hurt your loved one unless you send cash.

In previous calls, most people on the other line ask to send money - pretending to be a family member in need.

President of the Better Business Bureau Dale Dixon said the "Grandparent Scam" sent about $60 million out of the country each year. But efforts have helped curb the amount of people falling for it. Dixon said that's why callers are now going to these new lengths.

Mcleod said he was so worried, and not thinking right in the first minute of the phone call that he accidentally gave them his son's name. Although, he realized it was a scam when they couldn't say his name correctly the next time around.

Authorities warn that if anyone gets a call like this, it's just best to hang up.