BB guns looking more and more like the real thing

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- On its Facebook page, the Boise Police Department posted a still picture from video we took of the BB gun officers say a 15-year-old boy pointed at a ten-year-old girl and school bus driver Monday.

A police spokeswoman said the idea is to illustrate how realistic looking BB guns have become.

When we showed the picture to people on the street, even gun owners couldn't tell the difference.

"It looks like a 1911, which is a .45 caliber semiautomatic Browning," said Vern Nelson of Boise.

And as Boise Police Lt. Alan Cavener explains, therein lies the dilemma.

"Often times it's very difficult to tell the difference between a real gun, or a toy or a replica," he said. "We will take those situations seriously."

The lieutenant placed a BB gun from an unrelated incident next to his unloaded service weapon.

Which is the real gun? and which is the BB gun???

There's really no way to tell which is the real gun or which is the BB gun, except the orange tip on the BB gun, which can easily be painted over. However, the real gun, the unloaded Glock, weighs a lot more.

But police say, under the law, pointing a fake gun at somebody carries the same weight as pointing a real one.