'Barefoot Bandit' documentary a mix of fact and lore

EVERETT, Wash. (AP) - The story of "Barefoot Bandit" Colton Harris-Moore is told in a documentary made by Canadian independent filmmakers Adam and Andrew Gray.

The brothers told The Daily Herald they became attracted to the story while researching a script on the 19th Century bandit Billy the Kidd.

The feature-length documentary "Fly Colt Fly: Legend of the Barefoot Bandit," premiered earlier this month at the Toronto film festival. It blends interviews with animation to tell a story that is as much about myth as fact.

Harris-Moore began breaking into homes and cabins on Camano Island as a teenager. Burglaries continued after he escaped from juvenile detention in 2007. It included stealing planes and ended with his arrest in 2010 in the Bahamas.

The 22-year-old is serving a seven-year prison sentence.

Watch the trailer for the documentary: