Bang for your buck: Affordable security systems that won't break the bank

Good home security doesn't have to break the bank! (KBOI Photo)

Your home is your castle, but keeping it safe can be costly.

The security of your home can be shattered in seconds.

If you want a home system supported by a team of security experts, then you might check out the Honeywell Package from Alarmco in Boise. The system has motion detection.

"For under $200, you can get an entry level home security system, comes with controller keypad, all touch screen, normally mounted on a wall," said Jeremy Berg, an installer with Alarmco. "Usually if glass is broken, somebody coming in that way, motion detection picks them up."

The system also comes with three door or window contacts, plus a key fob for arming or disarming when you're not home. When the intruder alarm sounds, it's recieved in Alarmco's central station.

"They are interpreted here in the Central Station, in the software, tells us whose home it is, what the point of intrusion is, and what our response needs to be in regards to that signal... very quickly," said Corrine Mckague, co owner of Alarmco.

The homeowner is alerted through their smartphone. The Honeywell system comes with a $30 monthly service charge, and can be upgraded to include cameras and a smoke detector.

If you want something more personal, Best Buy offers a $179 Arlo security camera.

"It is a home security system, 100% wireless, connects to your phone, allowing you to keep your home protected, able to view it anywhere on your phone, from different country or just across the street. Allows you to watch over everything, you can set motion triggers, too. Motion triggered, sends notification to your phone that something is going on in front of your camera," a Best Buy employee told KBOI 2News.

Best Buy also sells a security device called the ring, which replaces your doorbell with a built in camera.

Twenty months ago, a dirt bike accident paralyzed Stan Browning, who now uses a wheel chair.

His brother bought the ring for him and installed it to make it easier for Stan to deal with visitors. One day, a big screen TV Stan had ordered from Amazon was delivered.

Through his video doorbell, Stan saw a man come up and steal the package before he could get to it.

"He takes the package, right there. She comes around goes to the driver's side. He's putting it in the trunk," Stan said as he showed us the video. "First gut reaction was anger. He is violating my space, frustration cause I can't get up and run after him and catch the guy, obviously I can't do that."

The whole theft was recorded through the doorbell.

"First call I made was to police, second call to Amazon, then posted it to social media. All those things combined together to catch the guy. Very rewarding," Stan said.

Stan was able to get his TV back, and the thief was punished.

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