Athletes, parents prepare for triple digit heat

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - With several days of 100 degree heat expected, many coaches and parents are preparing kids to stay hydrated.

The East Boise All Star teams are preparing for games and practices in the next couple of days. Coaches said they always tell kids and parents to hydrate even days before a game.

One coach told us only trying to hydrate the day of a game isn't enough. Chris Gilbert who coaches the 15-year-old all stars said the heat isn't a huge issue, but he does have to limit playing time with catchers.

"They are wearing extra gear," said Gilbert. "They are squatting down and standing up after every pitch so it's quite physical back there. So we will at most do three or four innings with a catcher."

Players tell us they also notice a difference when hydrated because they can more easily keep up their energy. Doctors say it's important for players to drink enough liquids and stay in the shade when they can to avoid heat stroke.