Are you prepared for power outages during the snowstorm?

BOISE, Idaho - (KBOI) The upcoming snowstorm could result in power outages. So Idaho Power is making preparations to keep you as comfortable as possible over the next few days.

The power company says outages usually come with snow because cars crash into power poles and heavy snow or falling branches can take down lines. But if that happens in this storm, Idaho Power says it will have everything under control.

"We've got people on standby to respond and we've got materials on standby if we need a new pole or some new power line or something," said Lynette Berriochoa, spokeswoman for Idaho Power.

The company says there is an upside to all the snow headed our way. An increase in the snow pack means more runoff this spring.

"The more water in the reservoirs, the better, and the more hydropower we can use," Berriochoa said.

Hydropower is the cheapest source of energy, and the more there is, the more you could see your electric bill go down in the long run.

As for the next few days, Idaho Power says the leading cause of downed power poles is drivers. So the company is warning everyone to slow down and be careful on the slick roads.