Are Idaho roads too slow?

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Several states such as Texas and Utah are bumping some highway speed up to 85 mph. As we discovered, there is a science to how speed limits are set around our state.

Drivers can also petition Idaho Transportation Department to change speed limits if they feel it's too fast or too slow.

KBOI hit the road for a non-scientific experiment to see what it's like to actually drive the speed limit at all times.

Heading west on State Street was where we were passed the most, and the speed limit was 30 mph just outside downtown Boise.

The area we found the most people going the speed limit on State Street where the speed limit was 35 mph, and there were several entrances to businesses.

ITD notes that in areas where there are a lot of turns into businesses the speed limit is sometimes kept lower for safety. There's also a formula for deciding what a speed limit should be.

"Taking what 85 percent of drivers are already driving, and using that as your bench mark," said Reed Hollister, ITD spokesperson.

ITD does random speed tests and will take the median of the fastest, and slowest drivers to determine what the speed limit should be.

Hollister notes that that slower speed are also not always the safest. In fact, if people tend to drive faster on one stratch of roadway they will make that the speed limit to higher. Eagle Road is a perfect example where the speed limit is 55 mph in some areas.

Another example of speed limits being raised is on the connector where just last year it went to 55-60 mph. If drivers feel the speed limit on a road should be changed then they will do a random audit of the speed limits. If the data supports a change ITD can do it.